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Why Study Law?

There are many reasons to study Law. This is the last stage of the lawmaking process, which is ultimately the job of a lawyer. The lawyer is a more important role than a legislator, because law is designed to enforce social control. The law is also coercive by nature, and is a tool of history and social engineering. In short, law is a social institution. In today’s world, laws have become essential to everyday life.

To understand the nature of law, you must know what it is. Law is a collection of rules that govern behavior in a particular society. Its purposes and true nature require consultation with courts. John Austin defined law as a collection of rules established by a politically superior man that is meant to be followed by all. If you want to learn more about law, this book is for you. You’ll learn the ins and outs of law and become a better lawyer.

Common law is judge-made and originated in medieval England. It is still in effect in the US and many other countries, despite the fact that technology continues to develop at an exponential rate. Despite the fact that courts apply different legal systems, common law’s openness to interpretation has kept the legal code simple and practical for the average person. While the common law allows for interpretation in many areas, it still leaves the legal code wide open to misinterpretation.

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