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So you’ve heard of Azevedotech, the maker of Surya’s software for driving mountains of data from business operations to customers. And you’re wondering about its partnership with Crunchhpeak. How good is it? Azevedotech: We built Surya through a collaboration with partners who provide strategic marketing and market research services—and we’re happy to say that they know how to implement an effective strategy. Their clients include Automotive, Construction, Financial Services, Insurance and Real Estate sectors. They also increased their competition by developing a product that can be used in every industry—not just software developers.

What makes Azevedotech’s Surya different?

Azevedotech has a history of providing digital marketing solutions focused on building brand loyalty, particularly in the form of digital products that can be integrated with existing marketing efforts. One of its most notable early efforts was its collaboration with the online marketing giant, CRM-as-a-Service (CAS) and marketing veteran, Crunchhpeak. In this partnership, Azevedotech developed and delivered an exclusive, personalized digital marketing strategy for one of CRM’s largest customers, which included a website exclusively dedicated to the CRM platform.

The Crunchhpeak data insights app

In addition to its strong collaboration with CRM, Azevedotech also provided its customers with access to a specialized version of its software, CRM-as-a-Service (CAS), which allows them to drive data-driven insights and create effective marketing strategies—without the need to create a separate website dedicated to CRM.

Use of the company’s software

CRM-as-a-Service is a leading digital marketing solution provider—and the company’s partnership with CRM is nothing if cannot be used to build even more value. The company’s software is used by businesses to create digital marketing strategies, including organic and paid versions, as well as services for businesses that want to integrate CRM with their marketing efforts.

Why we’re in partnership with Azevedotech

In its early stages, CRM-as-a-Service was a complete mystery to many marketers. But as the leading provider of digital marketing solutions for businesses, the company’s expertise and reach have grown over the years, which has made CRM-as-a-Service even more attractive as an industry partner.

What we can do together as partners

We have a rich history of strategic partnerships, both large and small, and have some experience in the field of digital marketing and CRM. For instance, our agreement with the office of the CEO of a large insurance company in the U.S. allows us to provide insights into product performance and demand across a wide range of industries.


Azevedotech has been developing technologies and software to meet the needs of customers for decades. The company’s unique combination of experience, unique digital marketing horizon and unique CRM solution make Azevedotech a great partner for any marketing strategy.

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