The Association Between Real Health and Prosperity

While the associations between real health and prosperity are not completely clear, one variable seems to be common: economic prosperity. This indicator includes total health expenditure, which measures the proportion of GDP spent on medical care and other ancillary services. Health is essential to economic growth and prosperity, but the relationship between health and economic growth is not deterministic. Some countries may be more health-conscious than others. The health status of the population reflects the health of its people, and health care expenditure measures how much is spent on health.

The wealth index is not a reliable measure of socioeconomic status, so the study examined how wealth related to 2 different health outcomes. Wealth is the accumulation of resources over a lifetime, but wealth is different from income. The authors of the study attributed the poor health of women to poverty, but they concluded that wealth is associated with greater health among men. While the association between real health and prosperity is not perfect, it is certainly strong.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tracked health issues according to household income and found that people with higher incomes were healthier than their less-wealthy counterparts. This association has also been documented in the journal BMJ. A healthy lifestyle requires us to eat the right foods for our body, avoid sugar, exercise regularly, limit alcohol consumption, and avoid stressful situations. And while these basic practices are well-known, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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