The 14 Best URL Shortening Services

We’ve listed the top 14 url shortening services on this page, with an emphasis on Rebrandly. We also discuss ClickMeter, Pixelme, BLink, and Rebrandly. We’ll discuss each service in more detail below. We hope you’ll find this information useful! If you’re looking for a good URL shortening service, read on for our in-depth review of each. To ย่อลิงค์, you simply paste the original URL into a designated area on a website. The website will generate a new, short link and redirect the original


With a few easy steps, you can create branded short links in minutes. This tool allows you to easily organize them by folder and control which users have access to them. It also allows you to embed retargeting pixels in shortened links. For example, if you have a website, you can embed a retargeting pixel in the link, and send people to third-party platforms.

With Rebrandly, you can use a custom domain to identify your URLs. The free plan allows you to create a maximum of 500 shortened links. Paid plans are competitive with other url shortening services, and they have extensive features. Which one is right for your business depends on the features you need. If you’re a business owner, it’s probably worth a look to see if you need a service that will give you the greatest bang for your buck.


In addition to providing a free URL shortening service, ClickMeter has many features that marketers look for in a shortened link. For example, you can edit the link before sharing it and change the destination URL at any time. However, the shortened URL that you originally shared will remain active and you don’t have to re-share it. A เว็บย่อลิงค์ can help you create branded links. You can also use the API to customize the service based on your specific needs.

When choosing between free and paid URL shortening services, make sure to consider the cost. Free URL shortening services are often free for small businesses, but large companies with a large number of links may find that a paid service is needed. If you are unsure about whether a paid URL shortening service is necessary for you, it’s best to check if the service provides UTM parameters for tracking links in Google Analytics.


If you’re looking for a URL shortening service that’s powerful enough to help you retarget your customers, PixelMe may be the right fit. This software-as-a-service company raised $1.3 million at a $4 million pre-money valuation. Its investors hold a 22 percent stake in the company, and the company shares the behind-the-scenes details of its development with interested parties. If you’re an investor, download their pitch deck and term sheet to learn more about the platform’s capabilities. If you’re a marketer, you’ll be interested in the retargeting pixels built into PixelMe.

PixelMe’s features allow businesses to embed retargeting pixels into their branded short links. This allows marketing professionals to track how well those links are performing and how they’re performing. They also allow users to create custom domains for their short links, manage content and handle audience retargeting processes. In addition to these features, PixelMe also has application programming interfaces (APIs) that make integration with several third-party platforms easy.


If you’re looking for a reliable url shortening service with tracking tags, you can’t do better than BLINK. The company offers branded domains and tracking tags for all your links, so you can keep track of who clicks on your short links. You can also personalize your links by changing the destination and tracking tag, and receive email notifications whenever someone clicks on one of your links.

Other features of BLINK include customizable Short URL, analytics and retargeting, and campaign management. With these, you can track and measure clicks on your short links, as well as see where they come from. You can even use it to track user interactions, including remarketing and other advertising campaigns. The service offers secure, enterprise-grade compliance and advanced user management features. Whether you’re creating short links for your website, landing pages, or social media profiles, BLINK makes it simple to track and measure traffic.


T2M URL shortener is a popular platform for URL shortening and branded link management. You can integrate T2M with your CMS to identify important pages and ensure dependencies remain intact. In addition, you can edit text and add additional characters to your short URL. Whether you need short URLs for a blog, website, or other application, T2M URL shortener is the perfect choice for your needs.

Bitly users are often disappointed with how long it takes to generate a link, the high amount of traffic it receives, and the need to register to shorten a URL. T2M is far faster than Bitly, and you won’t have to worry about your website going offline. Users also complain about the downtime of Bitly’s servers, but it doesn’t happen with T2M. Unlike Bitly, T2M’s customer service team responds quickly and is open to user suggestions.


If you want to make money online, you should use a url shortening service such as Binbucks. Binbucks is one of the newer link shortening networks that offers a host of good services, including a paste bin and add-ons for Firefox and Google Chrome. They also offer multiple payment options, including Paypal. By using their service, you can earn money while sharing links, articles, code, and other content on the web.


If you’re wondering which URL shortening service is right for you, Binbucks has the best features and pricing. Binbucks has an impressive number of countries and pays its users on a regular basis. They also pay their users well compared to other companies, and their reporting system is easy to use and comprehensive. This service also accepts Bitcoin, PayPal, and Payza. This makes it very convenient to make money from URL shortening.

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