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The stock market ended a bad week with investors panicking. The S&P 500 lost about 1.5 million shares and the Nasdaq Composite tumbled more than 20 percent. It was not all bad for technology stocks, though. Many of the leading names in the industry rebounded, with valmont being one of them. The Montreal-based firm has become a prominent player in the Canadian market as it focuses on data security and data management solutions. From an initial public offering to a $30 billion merger and acquisitions spree, this company has done everything right from going public to becoming one of Canada’s most valuable publicly traded companies over the course of its long history. Here are 6 things that went right for valmont in 2018.

It got its bearings

If there was one thing that stuck out in the wake of the financial crisis, it was the fact that most of the talk among investors was centered on how technology would enable new forms of finance. From online poker to artificial intelligence, the conversation grew about how Blockchain and cryptocurrency would change the game. The reality is that technology has been a very dominant driving force in financial markets for almost a decade, and it’s going to remain so for the long term. The question is, where does this leave the traditional financial industry?

The financial floor is trust worthy

First, we have to remember that the financial floor is the basis for all modern banking. At the end of the day, banks and financial institutions have to balance the need for all their assets to be as secure as possible against the safety and soundness of their system. Even though we probably all have an idea where that would lead, it’s important to remember that the reality is a little more complicated. There are a variety of factors that could affect the level of safety and soundness in a system. One of them is the level of trust that the end user has in the system.

It is a data centre player

Part of the trustworthiness of a system is down to the quality of its data centre facilities. One thing that can significantly improve the level of security in a system is a data centre that is located outside of Canada. This is especially important for companies who want to maintain data centre facilities in Canada but want to send their data to a facility that is not located in Canada. While there are certainly locations with less security than others, keeping your data in place and making sure that it’s secure is always the top priority for any organization.

It’s working withmass storage vendors

Brand-new facilities, complete with automated systems, and state-of-the-art IT are the two things that make a data centre a data centre. The other thing that makes a data centre a data centre is having the right people working alongside you. Having the right people on the end of the systems and managing information throughout the system will make your data centre run more efficient and cost-effective. If you’re interested in gaining greater insight into how your business is progressing, why not give the likes and dislikes of different customers a read? If you’re just looking to gain an idea of what type of data centre you’re going to, the best place to start is with the company website.

The market remains dynamics and volatile

People often wonder what it’s like to trade stocks or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the market. The best way to get a sense of what’s going on in the market is to take a look at the S&P 500. This indicator tracks the performance of over 40 financial stocks. While most of them are up a few percentage points or less, some of them are actually up more. So, what’s happening in the world of financial stocks? Read on to find out.

It has a strong company culture

Company culture is perhaps the most important factor in determining the success of any company. This is because it determines how your products will be used, built, and sold. If your company is not consistent and strong in its approach to growing its business, then it will fail quickly and catastrophically. Examples include Under Armour (USA) going under in a massive sell-off in 2017 and Facebook (USA) going public in March of this year. If your company is really struggling to grow, it might be a good idea to consider selling off some of your assets. It may be a difficult sell, but it’s also a smart move in the long run. If your company is clearly headed for a big failure, then it’s important to have a strong company culture and maintain a healthy level of optimism.

It has been collaborating with other vendors on solutions

Most of the big tech players have been collaborating with vendors on solutions for the last few years. This collaboration has become more common as the industry has grown, as individuals and companies find they can more easily take advantage of one another’s networthexposed expertise. For example, Google (USA) has been collaborating with VMWare on its virtualisation solutions, while Facebook (USA) has been collaborating with Microsoft (USA) on its cloud solutions. This is crucial as it means that companies can easily ‘plug and play’ their virtualisation solutions, which can significantly increase the safety and efficiency of the systems. It’s also good practice for businesses to consider partnering with vendors that you’re already using. This way, you’ll be able to gain access to the same expertise without having to go through the trouble of acquiring new products.


In a year that saw the worst sdasrinagar financial crisis since the Great Depression, and a sell-off in the value of the dollar, it’s easy to forget that tech stocks are still a great choice for investing. Companies like Google (USA) and Facebook (USA) have proven that tech can be a powerful source of new revenue and investment, and that it’s not just technology that companies are looking to partner with in order to grow their businesses. The best part about tech stocks is that they’re cheap to buy right now. So, if you’re looking to make a serious amount of money in the industry, consider taking a look at the S&P 500.

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