Is it Better to Eat Frozen Yogurt Or Candy?

Although it may not be a healthy food, frozen yogurt and ice cream aren’t necessarily bad for you. While you can still enjoy them, you should try to limit them to once or twice a week and save them for special occasions. While ice cream and frozen yogurt aren’t good for you, they are a great treat for those who are watching their weight and looking to keep their weight down.

While ice cream and frozen yogurt are both high in sugar, both are considered healthy options. While ice cream is rich in saturated fat, frozen yogurt is made from cultured milk instead of cream. Frozen yogurt contains fewer calories than ice cream and is often lower in fat than ice cream. The same goes for candy. While you can’t deny that candy toppings are delicious, they can detract from the health benefits of frozen yogurt.

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In addition to its health benefits, frozen yogurt contains less fat and calories, as well as healthy bacteria. But it’s important to pay attention to the nutrition labels and read ingredient lists carefully. The key to enjoying frozen yogurt is portion control. Eat small servings when out, and scoop no more than a cup of frozen yogurt at home. For the healthiest option, consider making your own frozen yogurt at home.

One cup of vanilla frozen yogurt contains 275 calories. By comparison, a single serving of candy contains only about a quarter of that. The sugar content is the same between both treats. You may find it harder to control your portions when you use frozen yogurt instead of candy, but it’s still a healthy choice for many. So, which is better for you? Let’s find out!

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