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How Might I Change My Facebook Advancement Account Name?

To change your name on Facebook, follow these steps:

First, you should consider your username. Your username is your portal to Facebook. It should accurately represent who you are. Depending on your purpose for changing it, you can change it to reflect your actual name or the name of your business. Facebook has different guidelines for personal profiles and business pages. If you want to keep your name the same for all of your accounts, use the name you go by in daily life. If you use your maiden name for professional reasons, you can use that as your username.

To change your name, you must sign in to Facebook using your email address and password. Then, go to the Homepage. Click on the blue down arrow in the upper-right corner. Choose Settings from the dropdown menu. Then, select General Account Settings. On the next page, you should find the option “Change your name.”

First, you should note that Facebook won’t let you change the name of your page unless you have been an admin for a week. Hence, it is vital to have admin access to another profile to change your name. In addition, Facebook will not allow you to change the name of a location Page under a parent page. In that case, you should add yourself as an additional admin of the location Page.

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