How Does Prosperity and Wellbeing Impact Your Life?

A good question to ask yourself is: “How does prosperity and wellbeing impact your life?” The components of prosperity are interdependent. Cash gives you reason and objectives, and companionships and religious convictions give you a sense of belonging. In addition, cash improves your living conditions and builds your economic wellbeing. It is no surprise that joy increases with money, so a healthy lifestyle is essential for prosperity and wellbeing.

Although many people think that prosperity brings happiness, the truth is that economic growth is not necessarily associated with better health. The increase in GDP has not been distributed equitably and hasn’t been invested in improving society. In fact, in many countries, people felt that their lives were not improving. Various systems have been developed to measure these elements. The Gross National Happiness Index developed by Bhutan, the Gallup Healthways Index, and the OECD’s Better Life Index are a few examples of the various measures of wellbeing.

Using a broader definition of wellbeing allows for greater compatibility between individual and economic outcomes. For example, a sustainable lifestyle, including a vegetarian diet, is linked to higher well-being, while healthy eating is linked to a healthier environment. Sustainable travel behaviours are linked to lower stress, traffic congestion, and air pollution. This gives us a clearer idea of how to live in a prosperous and healthy society.

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