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Foundation work for building a single-storey house

Steel frame knock-down house or prefabricated house There are various usage patterns. From shop kiosks, guard towers, offices, coffee shops, temporary residences, permanent home building From small to large. This gives foundations a variety of forms as well, from temporary foundations to permanent foundations, but the more popular ones are

Concrete foundation laid on the ground (slab on ground) Due to the ease of construction, the price is not very high. and easy to install But it should be the ground, hard land and filled for not less than 1 year. Soft soil and new soil should be piled up to help support the weight.

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For example, concrete foundations are laid on the ground.

The thickness of the concrete floor is 10-15 cm., depending on the form of use.

  • In the case of building a knock-down house on a concrete base or using a crane to lift and place, use a thickness of 10-15 cm.
  • In the case of installing a A transport truck with a house is installed on a concrete base using a thickness of 15 cm. as standard.

Concrete slab laying on the ground (slab on ground)

  • Ready mixed concrete, compressive strength 240 KSC.

***The emphasis should be on standard cement plants only.

  • Wire mesh sieve, size 20×20 cm., thickness 4 mm., padded with mortar to help the sieve not sink or float. standardize the work

*** Should design a concrete floor. Spreading out from the house 1 meter on each side, it will protect the ground from subsidence well and when it rains, the soil will not splash onto the messy house.

Example: hard soil + compacted rock Pouring concrete into a large courtyard Allows easy installation, easy to move.

Example: footing house foundation, size 60x60x60 cm.

Ready mixed concrete, compressive strength 240 KSC.

The foundation footing rebar RB9 is suitable for small buildings. Build a house that weighs 3-4 tons and place it on solid ground. Or a knock-down house that is built on the job site without moving to install, helping to support heavy loads and prevent collapse. Because digging the soil deep, about 70 cm.

Work requires planning. Finding the location of the steel plate foundation To use it must be sprinkled with stones. or more turf because when it rains The soil will splash and stain a messy house.

temporary foundation set on solid ground

Cast a RB9 reinforced concrete slab, size 60x60x15 cm. and bring the house to set up. on the slab For foundation work, field offices, shops set up on leased land, or knock-down houses that need to be moved later within 3-5 years.

Knock-down house foundation with low budget Most of the people use this type of foundation to reduce costs, which in the beginning may not have a subsidence problem. But when the soil is eroded by rain for many years, there will be more or less problems with subsidence.

Collapse causes problems with doors that are difficult to open and close, or the bathroom floor, water does not flow down, drain grates. due to the slope

Spreading foundations for small and large permanent residences

Knock-down house foundations for small permanent residences and for building large houses with a height of not more than 1 meter, who do not want to have problems with the house subsidence, should be spread foundations, which are qualified to Very good load-bearing for hard soil areas. Enough for a steel structure building with fiber cement walls

  • In the case of a soft soil area, piles should be placed. to gain additional weight (Should consult an experienced engineer)
  • In the case of a building raised above 1.5-2.5 meters, additional ground beams and piles should be added in the next order depending on the weight of the soil in that area. should consult an engineer experienced)

Example of foundation work for a large permanent residence

Ready mixed concrete, compressive strength 240 KSC

Example: The foundation of a fiber cement steel frame house for permanent residence with a height of 2 meters.

Footing-type foundations: short piles are made, ground beams are made, cast iron is tied to the pillars to be lifted to a height of 2 meters, and the ground is poured around the area. high budget

But there is an advantage that the area below can be added more It can be a kitchen and a garage.

steel needle foundation

Steel needle is a dry foundation system. weight-bearing screw Can be installed and dismantled very quickly, which steel needles have models from

  • Small size, 80-100 cm long. For work with less weight 300-400 kg.
  • Large needles and 2-3 meters long for heavy weight 3-4 ton.

Suitable for small knock-down houses large single storey Can be installed in a narrow space well.

ISOWALL wall, a hot alternative material

Isowall is a prefabricated wall and roof panel. It is made of color coated steel sheet with EPS foam on both sides. Light weight, easy to install, no need to make a rough frame, no need to paint. It has built-in insulation.

Most of them are used in the cold room, clean room or field office industry.

The standard width is 1.2 meters.

The popular thickness is 2 inches, 3 inches thick (some factories are 1 meter wide).

As for the length, we can set the factory to cut. like a metal sheet roof, for example, need a length of 2.5, 3, 4 meters

  • 2 inch thickness sheets are used for wall applications. The height does not exceed 2.6 m.
  • 3 inch thickness sheet will be used for roofing or wall work with length or height not exceeding 4 m.

Installing the isowal by designing the reinforcing structure of black angle steel L50x50x3 mm. and fastened with rivet nails

  • Keeping the edge of the sheet with aluminum U 2 – 3 inches.
  • according to sheet thickness
  • Wall corner and interior ceiling corner with 1.1/2 inch aluminum screen.

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