Do you know the roles of a Title IX advisor? Read this- California

If you are facing sexual misconduct charges in a school or college, the process of defending yourself is complex and critical. The negative consequences are even worse. A finding of liability on your transcript can lead to suspension or expulsion from school. This will make transferring to another college, getting into graduate school, or getting a job with a desirable company very difficult, if not impossible. Due to the high stakes of this complex process and its rapid timeline, contacting a Title IX advisor in California will be the best decision to take immediately after you receive the complaint notice.

Roles of a Title IX advisor

Any employee or student who is either a complainant or an accused has the right to a person to come with them to the Title IX meetings. The said person will serve as an advisor. 

A Title IX advisor will play an important part from the beginning of the case.

  • A student or employee may select an individual to accompany them to meetings with Title IX during the investigation process. This person may be a lawyer, parent, friend, family member, or any other person of their choice. If either party does not know any individual to accompany them as an advisor, they may ask the University to provide one. 
  • The advisor will be supporting personnel for the employee or student, but he cannot advocate for the client during investigation meetings. In hearings, the advisor will cross-examine all the parties on behalf of the employee or student.
  • The party is responsible for presenting their case by themselves, and they can speak to the advisor directly regarding the case during the investigation. Even though the advisor cannot speak for the party, he can ask questions about the investigation process.
  • The student or employee is solely responsible for presenting their case and can speak with Title IX directly regarding their case during the investigation. Although the advisor cannot speak on behalf of their clients or can ask questions they may have about the investigation process. The staff of Title IX working with the employee or student can answer any questions the advisor may want to ask. An advisor’s role changes when a Title IX complaint reaches the hearing stage. The Office of Community Standards provides information at this stage to all parties. 


If you are notified that you are accused of Title IX violation, do not take the matter lightly and take legal help as soon as possible.

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