6 Reasons Why You Should Shop Screen Doors from Everlasting Comfort

With warmer months approaching, it seems all any of us want to do is get outside and get some fresh air. On work-from-home days or days where you’re too busy to catch a walk outside, finding ways to bring that fresh air to you seems altogether necessary. Magnetic screen doors are ranking extremely high on home improvement lists, as they are an easy and affordable product to install that can vastly improve your quality of life. It’s important to note, however, that not all magnetic doors are good quality and may be a waste of money if you’re not careful. Because of this, we’ve done some research and compiled a list of why screen doors from Everlasting Comfort are an excellent choice.

  1. Excellent Quality. Not all screen doors are created equal, this we know. Many people complain that their magnetic screen doors’ magnets are weak and don’t stay closed, therefore defying the purpose of keeping bugs, pests, and pollen out. That is not the case with the magnetic screen door from Everlasting Comfort. It has 26 strong magnets instead of the typical 10-18 weak ones that other screens on the market have. Additionally, another complaint about other screen doors on the market is that they don’t withstand the outside elements and they tear easily. The Everlasting Comfort magnetic screen door is made of heavy-duty mesh which is made to withstand animals, pressure, punctures, and harsh weather. Most users keep their magnetic closure up year-round.
  2. Great Reviews. This magnetic screen closure is currently ranked number one on Amazon in the screen door category. They have extremely high reviews in categories of the product’s features such as easy installation, adhesion, instruction quality, durability, gift ability, and sturdiness. The top reviews talk about how it works perfectly, and is better than other screens on the market. The most popular comments talked about how pleasing it is that the magnets close behind them. One happy customer even posted a video of her dogs running crazily through the screened closure, and it peacefully adhering and closing behind them. Other reviews highlight how much abuse their magnetic screen door has endured between pets, weather, and continual use, and note how their purchase is still in excellent condition!
  3. Family Friendly. Magnetic screen doors are an excellent addition to your growing family. Not only do they allow you to hear and see your children play outside while having some filtration from bugs and nature that would inevitably come in if the door was wide open, but they are also great for pets! Magnetic screen doors are an affordable alternative to installing a doggy door. They are great for potty training, so your dog can come and go as they please all while nicely closing the door behind them thanks to the strong magnetic closure feature. Perfect for outdoor living on days when the weather is nice, this product allows for hands-free living whether carrying groceries, carrying your child, or bringing steaming hot food in from the grill on the back deck.
  4. Easy Installation. Lucky for all of us, Everlasting Comfort has made all our lives abundantly easier by creating a video installation guide. The installation itself only takes a few minutes, and it’s relieving to know you won’t have to read and reread confusing instructions over and over. The installation is only four easy steps that consist of cleaning the door frame, aligning the magnets flat, holding the screen to the top of the door frame, and using the hook and loop tape and the provided thumbtacks to hook the screen to the doorframe.
  5. Affordable Alternative. Many home buyers, apartment renters, and RV owners are all running into the same issue. Their living space doesn’t have a screen door, which means when the weather gets beautiful, they have to choose whether to have the door either fully opened or closed. Outdoor living is great for the human spirit, and fresh air in your home can have incredible benefits to both mood and health. Unfortunately, installing a screen door can prove to be very expensive and time-consuming. It often requires hiring a professional to set it up, and in many cases, it’s not renter-friendly. Installing a magnetic screen door may be the easy, affordable, and temporary alternative you’re looking for.
  6. Actually Works. At the risk of sounding redundant, it is probably most important to note that not all magnetic screen doors are not created equal. With Everlasting Comfort, you know you’re getting a quality product that does an excellent job at letting you live your best life while not wasting your money on a product that will only last a couple of months, or even worse not work from the get-go. With affordability and versatility that works on all sorts of doors like sliding patio doors, balcony doors, front doors, and RV doors, this magnetic screen door closure is sure to be worth it.

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