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3 Ways to Make Your How-To Videos More Engaging and Profitable

There is a lot of demand for videos that demonstrate how to do something. With a high search volume, how to videos are a great way to increase your viewership and income. Unlike other forms of content, how to videos are easy to make and can be viewed by nearly everyone. Listed below are some ways to make your videos more engaging and profitable. To get started, check out these three examples:

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Creating tension in a story requires setting up a dramatic question. For example, your protagonist’s fate is in doubt. By creating a question for the reader, they are compelled to read on to find out what happens next. It is also important to keep information to a minimum. Too much information can kill the drama. Remember, “show, don’t tell” is overused. To create tension, make your reader wonder what will happen next.

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Using email to ask for reviews is still an effective way to reach out to consumers. It’s the most widely used method of communication online, with 91% of consumers opening their email daily and 58% checking it before browsing the web. Include a link to the review platform in your email, and test different formats and language to see what works best. Send personal emails to customers, or a general email blast to customers. You can use different email segments to follow up with those who are likely to leave reviews.

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